Deep relief from stress & anxiety

It's simple — with too much stress, you can't enjoy your life. It also puts your health at risk, and contributes to a host of problems — anxiety, insomnia, fatigue and more.

What people experience

Millions of people have found the TM technique has a transforming effect

  • greatly reduced stress and anxiety
  • clearer thinking
  • better sleep
  • brighter, more positive state of mind

Hundreds of published research studies verify these experiences. No other form of meditation has such a body of evidence supporting these benefits.

TM's effect on cortisol — the stress hormone

A landmark study published in Hormones and Behavior found the TM technique reduces cortisol by 30%.

Plasma cortisol is a stress hormone. The study shows that plasma cortisol decreased during Transcendental Meditation, whereas it did not change significantly in control subjects during ordinary relaxation.

Stanford study on anxiety

Researchers at Stanford University conducted a meta-analysis of 146 independent studies on the effect of various meditation techniques on anxiety. The study, published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, found that the TM technique is twice as effective at reducing anxiety.

Reference: Adrenocortical activity during meditation, Hormones and Behavior 10(1): 54-60, 1978.

Source:Journal of Clinical Psychology

“There is a peaceful joy!”

——Jennifer Aniston

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